"In our modern world where families are often separated by great distances, rituals can reunite us and bring us back to our roots. In Niger, two Tuareg families and their guests travel into the Sahara for traditional marriage celebrations. This is a modern union, based on love - the couple live and work in the city, but have chosen to follow these ancient marriage rituals in the desert. Once they are married, they plan to set up life together in Paris."
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We travelled via the capital Niamey and Agadez to a remote valley in the Sahel region, south of the Sahara desert. What seemed like an empty expanse soon filled with over 500 Tuareg people, wedding guests who had arrived by motorbike, camel and 4x4 from all over the desert and beyond. A huge, wonderful wedding festival was taking place between Azara and Abdul, which featured camel dancing, a bull sacrifice, a global desert blues rock band that played long in to the night in a wadi lit by a bonfire.

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